SCOPE of Pain: Safe and Competent Opioid Prescribing Education, Boston University

What is the SCOPE of Pain?

SCOPE of Pain is a series of continuing medical education/continuing nursing education activities designed to help you safely and effectively manage patients with chronic pain, when appropriate, with opioid analgesics. Our program consists of:

  • A 3-module cased-based online activity; and
  • Live conferences held around the US

Live conferences Online training

Trainer's Toolkit

A resource to facilitate safe opioid prescribing training of physicians, NPs, PAs, nurses and other clinicians in your institution or practice.

Access the toolkit

Additional Opioid Prescribing Education

After you have attended one of the SCOPE of Pain live meetings or completed the SCOPE of Pain online program, we suggest that you visit This online program provides in-depth training that focuses on effective communication skills as well as the potential risks and benefits of opioids and when and how to initiate, maintain, modify, continue or discontinue opioid therapy.


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